The second part of the main character’s adventure with heroes from the “Paradise Island” update is already waiting for you!

Even more lust! Even more sex!

What’s new?

More than 50 new scenes where you can choose the actions of the main character

Group scenes with special videos for even more immersive gameplay

There’s not much time left until the party. The protagonist must hurry in order to corrupt the inhabitants of the house even more! While his father is away, he is the master of this mansion of lust.

And only he decides how everything will end.

2 new scenes with Marina and Stas
– Karina and Dima’s final scene
– 6 new scenes with Elvira, Stas and Dima
– 12 scenes with Karina
– 10 group scenes
– new scenes with Svetlana
– new scenes with Angelina
– more than 700 media files in the update

This isn’t your first time playing?

Then just find the button with this image in the “Character” menu and click it!

Now you can enjoy new content and not waste time playing the game from the beginning!

The game is now even more convenient!

Starting with version 0.17, you will not have to constantly look for the walkthrough of the game. Now it’s enough just to be attentive and read the last dialogue in each scene. That’s where you can find out the next steps, as well as the place and time where it is necessary to be to continue the story.

Since the old automatic translation utility qsptools stopped working, we have made a special plugin for our QSP editor LUSTgen for automatic translation.

Starting from version 0.17 the game will be translated from Russian to English with an automatic translator based on neural learning engine.

The next updates will gradually fix the translation of earlier versions of the game.

Would you like to join in?

Then visit our donation page, choose your preferred method of payment, and enjoy one of the best games with real porn content!

Warning: The game now uses a special launcher to launch the game. Each time you will need internet connection to start the game. Detailed launch instructions are in the root folder of the game. 

– To run the game you will need an internet connection.

– Run the game only through the shortcut MBF ENG.exe After the first launch, your computer will get and store encrypted key with one activation via your email address. To avoid losing access, do not share your email for activation with others and do not delete this key. In case you have deleted or lost your key, write to

– Your Windows operating system must have English or Russian as the system language. Otherwise, the launcher may not work.

– Your Windows system must not be a single language without the ability to change it.

– Your PC must have the latest version of Java. You can download and install for free at –

Detailed instruction on how to launch the game:

1. Run MBF ENG.exe with Administrator rights.

2. Wait for the Launcher to load.

IMPORTANT: close the launcher only with special button inside it “Close launcher”. If you close it any other way, you will have to reinstall the game.

3. In the specific field enter your email address, to which you were sent an email with links to the game. For Patreon subscribers in this field you have to enter your email address, to which you have a registered Patreon account.

4. Once your address has been verified, you will see a window with a button to start the game. Click and wait to launch.

IMPORTANT: the speed at which the game will launch depends on the speed of your internet connection and the power of your PC. Usually it takes no more than ten seconds, but it may take a minute. During the synchronization of the client with the server will appear empty dialog boxes. You just need to wait and don’t interrupt its work.

5. Done. Now you can play.

We still remind you to SAVE the game from time to time. The problem with lack of RAM after couple hours, although it has become less significant, but can still damage the impression of the game. If you find a bug, please report it to

If you do not get an email with links to the new version a day after the donation, please write to But before you do this, check spam. This is often where emails end up.

The release schedule for user updates can be seen on the game’s blog.